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When ninety-six year old medical marijuana patient Grace Murphy passes away, stoner Bud Parker and his coworkers Tyrell and Royce, the ex-narcotics officer, must clean out her wrecked house. But when Royce's partner, Rodney the racist police dog, finds Grace's secret marijuana grow room the guys decide to turn the house into a marijuana speakeasy.

However, many obstacles stand in the way of their “tokeasy” including the sexual harassing ghost of Grace, Dr. Bobby, the fake marijuana doctor, and a town full of closet pot heads stuck in a social limbo of legal and non-legal marijuana use.

Genre: Satire/Comedy
Run Time: Approx. 86 minutes
Probable Rating: R

Written by Wally Wallace
Directed by Sean Williams and Wally Wallace
Produced by Sean Williams, Elizabeth Holloway, and Wally Wallace

Tokeeasy (Toke Easy): A Satire that Parallels Marijuana Today with Alcohol During Prohibition